Our Point of Difference

Our point of difference from the other beekeepers are:

  1. Our hives are mainly on organic locations utilising organic treatments & principles
  2. Our honey is jarred straight from the hive to the jar. This process is truly handcrafted from start to finish. From being scrapped from the comb, jarred, labelled and packaged all by hand. No machines other than an electric spinner and pump.
  3. We are a licensed honey processor allowing us to have a definitely pure product. Current food regulation laws allow honey processes to have only 60% reducing sugars (honey) with 21% moisture, allowing for an additional 19% additive without declaring it on the label. See Food Standards Australia New Zealand Section 2.8.2—3 . This is extremely important to be aware of when submitting honey to be processed by a 3rd party processor, as they can legally add these additives without the beekeeper being aware of such process. Note: beekeepers sell honey to the processor for $10/kg and is then for sale in the supermarkets at $19.60/kg after passing through the hands of the processor, wholesaler, distributor, retailer and then the accumulating GST. How does the processor make profit? Give it a thought.
  4. We are NEVER processed off site by a 3rd party
  5. We have point of origins batch separation
  6. Unheated, truly raw at its most basic form
  7. Unfiltered, only lightly sieved
  8. Have available botanical flavours due to no heat treatments during processing